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Transport Law

Transport law is the area of law dealing with transport. The laws can apply very broadly at a transport system level or more narrowly to transport things or activities within that system such as vehicles, things and behaviours. Transport law is generally found in two main áreas –

  • legislation or statutory law passed or made by elected officials like Parliaments or made by other officials under delegation
  • case law decided by courts.

Legislation typically consists of statutes known as Acts and delegated legislation like regulations, orders or notices. Case law consists of judgments, findings and rulings handed down by courts.

Transport laws can apply at a global transport system-wide level. A transport system can encompass a wide range of matters which make up the system. These include –

  • heavy and light rail systems including associated land, infrastructure and rolling stock which comprise trains, trams and light rail vehicles
  • roads including freeways, arterial roads and paths
  • vehicles including cars, trucks, buses and bicycles
  • ports and waterways
  • commercial ships and recreational vessels
  • air transport systems and aircraft.

Why transport law is important?

Areas of transport law governed by court decisions and other non transport statutes or laws include property law, contract law, torts law and specialist regulation governing the contract of carriage, and the relationship between carriers and passengers in public transport and shippers and cargo owners in shipping.

How we can help you?

We are a law firm specializing in transport (land, sea and air) and is made up of professionals with proven experience in this area of law whose complexity and changing reality requires a specific legal attention that can not be provided by the lawyer general or specialized in other Areas.

As far as land transport is concerned, it is treated in our office in all its national and international projection (CMR) and in all its specialties, combined, successive and multimodal.

The files that we are dealing with are very diverse both in judicial and extrajudicial matters and cover all the multiplicity of assumptions that occur in the field of land transport (claims for damages, faults, delays, delays, shutdowns, processing of fines, administrative formalities , Permits and licenses, ways of return … etc)